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    • SSES 500ml Dessert Cream Butter Dispenser.
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Best Professional Whipped Cream Dispenser

Just as the gas stove, oven, and mixer grinder are important elements in the kitchen, the whipped cream dispenser is no exception. The dispenser complements the other devices well with its finishing touch. Imagine laboriously preparing a pécan pie and serving it without whipped cream on top!

The benefits of this tool is not just limited to dessert toppings but also extends to other food items and beverages. So buckle up and learn about the features, use, and applications of the beloved kitchen device – the stylish cream dispenser.

Features Of A Whipped Cream Dispenser

The function of a cream charger dispenser is as simple as its name. It is a device that dispenses cream. But the cream is not your run-of-the-mill thick milk cream. It is somewhat different. Different in thickness, texture, and appearance. The cream dispensed feels light as air and the texture is smooth as silk.

Here are the features of a cream dispenser from Nang Delivery that give you the buttery, silky whipped cream:

Body: The body of the dispenser is usually made of steel or aluminium. Both materials have tensile strength which make it a robust entity.

Composition: The dispenser is filled with culinary-grade nitrous oxide gas to be mixed with milk or cream. The standard capacity is 500 ml.

Durability: The aluminium body makes the dispenser extremely durable. It gives the device an extended shelf life and makes it usable for years.

Safety: There are two important safety features in the cream dispenser from Nang Delivery – the pressure release valve and the locking apparatus. It controls the release of whipped cream.

Nozzle Variety: The dispenser comes with the ability to fit multiple nozzles. You can connect small flavoured cream charger bulbs or large cream chargers to regulate the consistency of the whipped cream.

How To Use A Whipped Cream Dispenser?

Making whipped cream is quite easy. Follow these steps to use the whipped cream dispenser from Nang Delivery:

Remove the head cover of the dispenser first.

Put milk and/or sugar syrup as needed.

Attach the nitrous oxide canister to the head now and screw it by turning it clockwise.

Put the cover of the dispenser back on.

Take a cream charger bulb and fit it into the charger holder if you’re using flavoured cream.

Now press the nozzle to let the edible gas mix into the liquid. Check the meter to see and regulate the pressure.

Take off the canister after the gas is mixed with the fluid or cream.

Shake the whip cream dispenser well to let the contents mix perfectly.

The smooth textured whipped cream will be ready in 30 seconds. Use it as desired.

Desserts And Food Items You Can Make With A Whipped Cream Dispenser From Nang Delivery

Now that you know how to use the cream charger from Nang Delivery, let us take a look into the many applications of whipped cream!

Whipped cream takes the garnishing as well as the taste of sweet dishes to a whole new level. From different kinds of pies to flans to tiramisus, the soft and frothy cream enhances the taste of the item by a hundred folds.

Dishes: It is clear from its usage in foods other than sweets that whipped cream is incredibly versatile. You can use it with rosemary chicken, broccoli soup, Greek yoghurt, salad, and snacks. Usually the non-sweetened cream is used in these dishes.

Beverages: Another popular application of whipped cream is over beverages. It goes especially well on milk-based beverages like banana milkshakes, cold coffee, hot chocolate, custard, and lassi.

Cocktails: Whipped cream’s usage is not limited to merely desserts and milk beverages! Bartenders around the world use whipped cream to add on various cocktails – Martinis, Margaritas, Negronis, Manhattans, and Daiquiris.

Getting Cream Dispensers Delivered At Your Doorstep

Nang Delivery Sydney is the best place to buy a whipped cream dispenser. We have a whole range of products from whipped cream chargers and dispensers. We deliver our products in the Sydney area and you’ll get anything you order within half an hour.

We make sure our customers get the best quality cream dispensers and unadulterated nang canisters for the safest culinary use.

So experience the convenience and quality of Nang Delivery Sydney and buy the best cream dispenser to adorn your kitchen!


1. What Is Meant By A Whipped Cream Dispenser?

The device is made from aluminum or steel and comes with a charger and nozzle on it. To transfer nitrous oxide from the canister into the dispenser, press the nozzle. Desserts are garnished with whipped cream, which is created when cream and food-grade NO2 gas are combined.

2. How Does A Cream Charger Work?

You have to pull the lever for the NO2 gas bulbs to release gas into the dispenser. The gas dissolves with the cream inside the whip cream dispenser and dissolves into the fat molecules. This gives the cream its characteristic flowing peaks.

3. From Where Can A Whipped Cream Dispenser Be Bought?

You can buy the best cream dispenser from Nang Delivery Sydney. There’s an impressive range of products available on our platform and you can order anything to get it delivered to your address in a very short time.

4. How Much Does A Cream Charger Dispenser Cost?

Taking into account the material of the charger, size of the canister and the flavours used, your average whipped cream dispenser can be bought as low as Aus$50. It is a highly affordable device and definitely worth the investment. The freedom and convenience it offers in the kitchen is unparalleled.