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Skywhip Pro max cream charger contains pure Nitrous Oxide N2O, delivering a larger volume of whipped cream with every charge.
– As a leading company, Nang Delivery has introduced 580g and 3.3L XL whipped cream chargers to the Australian market.
– Explore our range, featuring top-notch 580g whipped cream charger and 8.4g chargers, all at competitive prices.

Feature and Highlights of The Product:

– Every 3.3L Skywhip Pro Max Whipped Cream Charger N2O is filled with 2000g of the highest culinary grade N2O gas, minimizing waste compared to using 250 of the standard 8g chargers per unit.
– Each Skywhip Pro Max comes with a complimentary nozzle. You can use this nozzle for safely disposing of any residual gas from the cylinder.
– Disposal of the whipped cream charger is hassle-free. Simply place the empty cylinder in a marked recyclable cardboard box and discard it in a recycling bin.
– Please note that the regulator set is available for purchase separately.

3.3L Cream Chargers Features

Brand: Skywhip Max XL
UPC: 9369998233335
Conditions: Brand New
Type: Whipped Cream Charger N2O
Material: Stainless Steel, Metal
Colour: Red/Yellow
1 Pack Size (Length*Width*Height ): 7*32*7 cm
Per Tank Net Weight: 580g N2O Gas
Tank Warranty: 5 Years


– These 3.3L Whipped cream dispenser are only for Food/Kitchen/Bar use and are not suitable for medical purposes. They are also not reusable.
– Purchasers must be over 18 years old.
– The gifts that come with products are not allowed for refunds or exchanges. The company hold the authority to determine the final selection of gifts.


1. What are SkyWhip Whipped Cream Chargers used for?

Skywhip Pro Max cream chargers are frequently employed with whipped cream dispensers, swiftly and effortlessly producing whipped cream for desserts, beverages, and various culinary creations.

2. How many chargers come in a pack?

You can buy as per your needs. Check the specifications before buying our whipped cream dispenser.

3. Are Skywhip Pro Max compatible with all dispensers?

SkyWhip Cream Chargers are crafted to work seamlessly with most standard whipped cream dispensers. Nonetheless, it’s vital to confirm compatibility with your particular dispenser model to guarantee a perfect match.

4. What gas is inside the Sky Whip Cream Chargers?

Sky Whip Cream Chargers contain nitrous oxide (N2O). It is a colourless and tasteless gas that helps in achieving the desired whipped texture when dispensed into the cream.

5. How long does whipped cream last from Sky Whip Cream Chargers?

Whipped cream made using Sky Whip Cream Chargers can be refrigerated for several days. For maximum taste and texture use it within a shorter period.

6. How to clean these cream dispensers?

Our stainless steel or aluminium whipped cream dispenser is resistant to corrosion, making cleaning effortless. Simply detach the cartridge and tip, then wash all components in a dishwasher. Ensure thorough drying before use.



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Free Delivery Tank [PM] Skywhip Pro Max 660G Cream Chargers N2O + Nozzle

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