Ignite Cream Chargers 615G Purest N20 Nitrous Oxide Tank

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  • Ignite whipped cream machines are built with brilliance. Each and every cream charger comes with a seamless design, so you will never come across any leaks or defects in the product.
  • The whipped cream chargers contain 625 grams of pure and food-grade Nitrous Oxide (N2O) gas that does not cause any harm to the users. The gas used in it is from P.R.C., so you can rest easy.
  • With several years of manufacturing expertise, the whipped cream charger brand boasts its product design, quality and innovation.
  • With excellent built quality and refined material like completely recyclable steel, the whipped cream machine promises to leave no industrial loophole or greasy residues.
  • It comes with a quality zinc coating that safeguards the cream charger from catching kitchen moisture.
  • This cream charger is disposable. You can use it for one time and store the cream for about 2 weeks. After that, you would have to arrange its disposal.
  • It’s a cost-effective purchase as you can prepare double the amount of whipped cream out of liquid cream.

Shipping Information 

If you buy whipped cream chargers from Nang Delivery, you can receive the product instantly within 30 minutes.

Postage Delivery 

Except for some specific areas, the buyers can enjoy free postage with our whipped cream chargers. To receive the product, you need to sign during delivery. If we fail to reach you, our executives will leave the parcel will be stored in a nearby post office, from where you can collect it. We will also leave a note on your letterbox.


1.Are Ignite Cream Chargers Investment-worthy?

Certainly they are! At an affordable price, you can get a tool with which you can prepare quality whipped cream to enhance the taste of shakes, cocktails, soups, and desserts!

2.Are Ignite Cream Chargers Recyclable?

Steel is the common material used in manufacturing Ignite cream chargers which is a recyclable metal. So ignite whipped cream chargers are definitely decomposable.

3.How Many Days Can I Store The Whipped Cream In The Whipped Cream Machine? 

Whipped cream remains safe and intact for 7 days in the whipped cream machine. But if you refrigerate it, you can store the cream for around 7 more days.

4.Is There Any Risk Associated With N2O Gas?

There are no such risks associated with N2O gas; as the gas used in the whipped cream charger is of food-grade quality. In case you directly inhale the gas, you might feel a little dizzy and lightheaded, which will get better after a few hours.

 5.Do I Need To Follow Any Safety Measures While Using Ignite Whipped Cream Chargers?  

The only safety measure you need to follow while using ignite cream chargers is wearing a mask and letting fresh air pass through the room. This ensures that the indoor air is fresh and pure, safeguarding you from direct exposure to N2O gas.

6.Can I Refill Ignite Cream Chargers?

Cream chargers are meant for one-time use; so you cannot refill it. Once you open the seal and finish the gas, replace it with a new one.

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Ignite Cream Chargers 615G Purest N20 Nitrous Oxide Tank

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